Balikpapan Expats    

A community forum for the expatriates of Balikpapan.  

There are numerous malls and shops.  Below are the larger places, but there are plenty of small, independent stores that have great, specialty items.

Balikpapan Superblock (BSB) - Also known as E-walk, BSB is a popular mall with restaurants, Western shops, and a movie theater. This mall also has a (very) small English language book store. 

Popular stores: Starbucks,  L'Occitane, Rip Curl, Levi's, Matahari

Pentacity (literally located directly behind BSB) is one of the newest malls. This mall has a Hypermart in the basement, several restaurants, and is the place with stores that no other malls have, such as Debenhams and H&M.  

You can either park directly near Pentacity or park at BSB and connect through the movie theater on the 3rd floor or Fun Zone on the 2nd floor. 


The Plaza - Another mall, The Plaza has two components - a more Western oriented mall connected with a more "local" side with smaller shops.  The "local" side offers many small stalls and is a great place to buy electronics, phones, and DVDs/Software.  

Popular Stores - Starbucks, McDonalds, Clarks, Levi's, Adidas, Matahari 


Balcony Mall - The entrance of this mall is small, but it leads to a large indoor parking deck. The main part of the mall is next to the ocean, so the street entrance is deceiving.  Although this mall has many empty spaces, it offers a few restaurants (some with a great view of the ocean), a movie theater on the top floor, and some sport clothing shops.


Mal Fantasi (Mall Balikpapan Baru) - Although this mall has a limited number of stores, it is popular due to the Hero's Grocery store. There is also a Matahari located on both floors.  There are a few coffee shops/cafes out the front, but otherwise, limited stores inside.  **The good DVD shop moved to Pasar Segar**  

Recommended specialty shops popular with expatriates include Informa and Jims (household goods and furniture) and Ace Hardware and CV Sentral (hardware, household goods).  There are also many small shops that sell great products.  If you're looking for something specific, post a note on the Balikpapan Expat Facebook group and someone can point you in the right place!