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A community forum for the expatriates of Balikpapan.  

There are so many great places to eat!  But here is list of some of the more favorite Balikpapan restaurants and bars popular with expatriates:

Blend & Co - The only fine dining restaurant that is not attached to a hotel.  Located at Pentacity Mall, it's open for high tea, lunch, and dinner. Offering up various wine, spirits, and mix cocktails, this is a popular place for an nice dinner out. 

Pros: You get wine!

Colonial Food Club  - Located next to the Australian Intercultural School and Holland Bakery in Batakan, this restaurant offers Indian, Korean, Western, and Indonesian dishes.  Look for the big ship outside. 

Pros: Good value for good food.  

The Beach House.  Located in Manggar, The Beach House is a Bali-like style restaurant located on the beach that serves both Western and Indonesian food.  You can sit indoors or outside, and also has cabanas to sit and relax.  

Pros: the beach front location

Seventh Street Pub at the Aston Hotel - A funky little Irish bar attached to the Aston Hotel.  It serves up beer and spirits as well as menu items.  Has pool table and live music on the weekends. 

Pros: Transports you to Europe!

BonCafe. Located at Jl. A. Yani #10, this restaurant is fun for kids and adults.  Has a good mix of items on the menu all within a good price range.  

Pros: Fun desserts and children's food.

Heart of Borneo (House of Beer).  Located in front of BSB Superblock, HOB is a popular place to catch up with friends after work.  Menu offers a range of bar snacks and full main dishes.  Happy hour 11am - 6pm. 

Pros: Outdoor beer garden, range of alcohol, good music

Open House.  Located at Puncak Markoni Atas, this restaurant overlooks Balikpapan.  With an open feel and nice breeze, you can select options ranging from Middle Easter, Asian, Western, Indian, and Indonesian fares. Can order homemade bread for delivery.

Pros: Nice view, fun decor, BYO

Sky Bar/ Sky Grill Located at the top of the Grand Senyiur Hotel, this is a nice place for cocktails, at the Bar followed by a romantic dinner at the Grill.

Pros: nice view, outdoor seating


De'Sushi. Located on Jl. Surdiman # 16 before the Aston Hotel, D'Sushi is the place to go for affordable and delicious sushi. Kids can enjoy fairy floss (cotton candy) free!

Pros: Large menu/choices; fairly quick service

Yuli's Cafe & Pizza House. Located in Sepinggan Batakan off a dirt road (hidden away on purpose)!  A popular bar for expats after work, Yuli serves up pizzas, meat pies, and burgers among other menu items.

Pro: On the beach, best meat pies in town (if available)

The Golden Palace Restaurant @ The Blue Sky Hotel.  With  a Chinese chef, this is the place for suki, dim sum, and other oriental treats. Every Sunday is Dim Sum brunch from 10am -2 pm

Pros: Absolute best for Sunday brunch dim sum

Oceans Restaurant.  A great place on the water to watch the sun set.  Ocean's offers a full range of Western, Indian, and Indonesian dishes.

Pros: Alcohol available; popular for large groups and work dinners

Bombay Curry House.  Located on Jl. Surdiman, Bombay offers a full range of Indian food.  They also provide great take away/delivery service.

Pros: Alcohol is available; accommodates small groups (if reserved in advance)

Bondy's Restaurant.  Located at Jl. A Yani near The Plaza, Bondy's offers a range of Indonesian food.  They have quite a large selection of "choose your own" seafood.  

Pros: Convenient location, cheap

Batakan Beach Cafe.  Located at Jl. Mulawarman Batakan #19 RT 023, BBC caters to the taste of expatriates.  Happy hour is a good deal for beer and their frozen margaritas.  They deliver!

Pros: Range of western dishes; alcohol available; delivers

Hun's Cafe - Located at Stal Kuda, Hun's Cafe is also a bar.  The food is mostly bar food, but we recommend the "Hun dog" a local favorite!  Great place to catch footy games on the big screen.

Pros: Overlooks the sea; typically the only place to get the sporting events on tv

Dandito's.  The place for crabs in Balikpapan.  Located on Jl. Sudirman, Dandito's offers up crabs with every sauce available. Their motto is "Not fast food, but good food fast", however we find their food to be fast and good!

Pros:  quick service, yummy crabs!

Jack's Western Restaurant.  Located at Jl. Mulawarman in Sepinggan Batakan, Jack's is the oldest Western food restaurant in BPN.  Specializing in Mexican and Cajun food, you can also enjoy the beachfront views.

Pros: alcohol available; lots of pork options

Joy's Bar & Restaurant -  Located on Jl. Sudirman #33 RT 49, Joy's is predominantly known as a place to grab a drink after work or a fun dance place on the weekends.  However they offer a diverse menu beyond bar snack and, due to its location, be ideal for quick lunch if working nearby.

Pros: Recently renovated; fairly good range of alcohol for a "local bar"

Delecia Cafe - Located near BDI and Siolom Hospital, this cafe offers a range of coffees, Latin menu items, as well as Western and Indonesian favorites. Fun and funky decor!

Pros: Latin food!

Zafferano - Located at Balcony Mall, this Italian restaurant has a modern decor. It serves beer on tap (however see con below) and offers some bottled beer choices. 

Pro: BYO wine; serves beer (often warm though....)

Daisaku @ Grand Senyiur Hotel - The place to go for Teppanyaki in Balikpapan.  They also have a full menu of a la carte Japanese favorites.  The sushi is the best in town.

Pros: Fun place for a group