Balikpapan Expat Guide  

A community forum for the expatriates of Balikpapan.  

Balikpapan is quite a sport town with many sporting activities!  Here is some information about what is available:

Link for hash clubs around Indonesia :

Contacts for Balikpapan Hash Clubs

1. Club Name:     Balikpapan Hash House Harriers    
Founded:     by Peter ‘D Drain’ Garbenis, ex Jakarta.    
Runs:     Every Monday at 5:15pm, aprox. 10 km
Sex / type:     Men only hash, Multi race group.
Hotline:     0811 542 026
Mail:     Jl. APT Pranto 60A, PO Box 592, Balikpapan
Contact 1:     Senior Advisor: Mother Trucker +62 811 542 026(HP),
Contact 2:     GM: Outhouse +62 811545505

2. Club Name:     Balikpapan Family Hash
Founded:     6/4/76 by Ladies club ex. Unocal company employees Mei Kusdiah, Diana Thompson, Soeje Ita Madewa, Frieda Tungka.    
Runs:     Every Tuesday at 5:00pm, Multi race group
Sex / type:     Family hash
Mail:     PO.Box.592, Balikpapan 76114, East Kalimantan
Contact 1:     Tati Van Veen +62 8111530306
Contact 2:     Ona Gunawan +62-811544983

3. Club Name:   Balikpapan Hash House Harriettes    
Founded:   17/2/1994 by Andrea Brooks
Runs:     Fortnightly Thursday at 5:00pm.
Sex / type:     Women's hash, Multi race group
facebook:   Balikpapan Hash House Harriettes
Mail:  PO Box 592, Balikpapan
Contact 1:

4. Club Name:     Balikpapan Mixed HHH  
Founded:     7/2/1998 by Charles "Stencil" Tanzil, , and Hengky "Wanking Terus" Petrusz.    
Runs:     Every Saturday at 17:15pm.
Sex / type:     Mixed (men & women), Multi race group.
Hotline:     +62 (0542) 763818
facebook:     Balikpapan Mixed HHH
Mail:     Jl. Pupuk Timur IV No 88 Balikpapan
Contact 1:   Akin "Suck Your Cock" Sudharta,

5. Bakom HHH Balikpapan
Founded on 3/04/1997 by Rudy Suardana
Runs : Run every Friday at 17:00
type / Sex : Mixed / Family Hash, Majority Local chinese
MAIL: Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.89, Balikpapan 76113, East Kalimantan
CONTACTS: Hangky "Little Wad +62-542-412878, +62-542-420689(F), +62-811540289(HP),

6.  Kya-Kya Happy HHH
Founded on 14/09/2004 by Kornelius Wijaya
Runs : every wednesday, at 17:00 pm
Sex / type:     Mixed (men & women), Multi race group, majority local chinese and local indonesian
MAIL: Jl. M.T. Haryono, Ruko, Balikpapan Baru, East Kalimantan
CONTACTS: Benny Sinurat 0811532488

7. Harmony Keluarga HHH
Founded on 18/09/2002 by Wilyan Poerwanto
Runs : Every sunday at. 17.00 pm
Sex / Type : Family Hash ( Majority Chinese from Hokkien ethnic,  affiliated with BalikpapanHokkien Community Organization
HOTLINE:(0542) 734685, 0811 549930
MAIL: Jl.Pandan Sari RT.17 No.71/41, Balikpapan 76131, East Kalimantan
CONTACTS:  Sudjarto Widjaya 0811 549930
Liem Wirya, +62 542 734685, +62 542 742207(F), +62 811549930

8. Club Name:     K. S. Happy HHH    
Founded:     by Sanjaya Kwantita,The Rendy Hansen, Budi Tjandra, Sunandar, Wendy Tambali.   
Runs:     Every Sunday at 17:00pm.
Sex / type:     Family hash, majority chinese from Cantonese ethnics, affiliated with BalikpapanCantonese Community organization
facebook:     K. S. Happy HHH
Mail:     Jl. Pandan Sari Rt 16 No 14, Balikpapan 76131
Contact 2:    Lilly Theresia 0811530628

9. Club Name:    Manggala Hash
Founded:     Erni   
Runs:     Every Saturday at 17:00pm.
Sex / type:     Family hash, majority chinese from Manggala Buddhist temple community
Contact :   0816201288

GOLF - Golfers are well catered for in Balikpapan with two courses open to the public year round from sunrise to sunset. Pertamina Balikpapan Golf Course (PBGC) (Telephone 0542 766418) is centrally located on the main road Jl. Jend Sudirman, Stal Kuda, Sepinggan. Green fees on Weekdays for 18 holes are Rp 275,000 and Rp 450,000 for Weekends and Public Holidays. Caddie hire is compulsory and the minimum fee expected is Rp 150,000 to Rp 200,000. Golf carts are available at a cost of Rp 200,000 per round. The course length from the White tees is 6,435 yards. Just out of town off the Samarinda Road is Karang Joang Golf Club (KJ) (Telephone 0542 7239607) located at Km 5.5 on Jl. Soekarna Hatta, Kariangau. Green fees on Weekdays for 18 holes are Rp 150,000 and Rp 230,000 for Weekends and Public Holidays. The KJ published caddie fee is Rp 170,000. New golf carts are available for hire at Rp 200,000 during Weekdays and Rp 275,000 for Weekends. Balikpapan Best Bunch Golf Association (BBB) has a mainly Expatriate membership and runs two events each month at PBGC. The club was founded in 1989 and currently has a mixed membership of 80 golfers. BBB maintains an USPGA handicap for all members. Monthly Medals are held on the last Saturday in each month and Fun Events are run mid-month. Green fees for participants are discounted to Rp 250,000. Registration is between 11:30 and 12:30 with a registration fee of Rp 50,000. BBB welcomes new residents and guests. Just turn up and introduce yourself to the Tournament Organizer who will assign you to a group. Enjoy your golf in Balikpapan.

FISHING - Balikpapan has some great fishing! Check out to organize a day out on the water! Whether want to bottom fish on the reef for large snapper and coral trout or troll for game fish like salefish and mahi-mahi, it's always a great day out on the water.  

SCUBA DIVING AND, SNORKELING - There are a group of scuba divers in Balikpapan who do local dives in coordination with the Borneo Sport Fishing Club (  There are multiple ship wrecks around Balikpapan, as well as walls and reefs.  Depending on the weather conditions, there are also a few shallow coral reefs for snorkeling.  

OTHER WATER SPORTS - Total's Beach Club in Batakan offers sailboats for rent (there is an annual membership fee).  If you have your own gear, you can coordinate with the Fishing Club to go out on the water for wakeboarding, which is popular to tag on to a scuba trip!

BOWLING - There are two bowling alleys in Balikpapan.  The larger, commercial one is located in the basement of the Hypermart Plaza.  The other is located at the Villa Beta Housing Complex.  Pay per game. 

ROCK CLIMBING - Located at The Dome, this is great for children's birthday parties or company teambuilding.  They have quality equipment with trained staff. 

AIR SOFT - Located at JL Mulawarman Complek TNI Au Rt 041, Sepinggan Batakan Selatan.  There's an indoor and outdoor area, with all rental of guns and safety gear available.  Contact Dedi at +62 82157826009 or +62 87875012009 to make an appointment.  Rp100.000 for 1 hour of play and gear, plus Rp60.000 for a bag of ammunition (bag will last several players many games). 

TENNIS - A few housing compounds have tennis courts (BDI, Palm Court, Chevron, The Hills, KBC), but also there is a tennis stadium. 

SWIMMING - Many non-compound expat houses have their own swimming pool, but some communities let you join their pool (such as BDI).  Most housing compounds have a community pool, so you can always make friends and join them! 

GYMS - The more high end hotels have gyms with memberships available.  Popular ones are the Jatra at BSB mall and Novatel.  They also offer aerobic and yoga classes. If you want a gym on the cheap, there are many local gyms where you can join as well.  Most compounds offer full gyms with weights and equipment.  In addition, there are many shops that sell quality gym equipment. 

SQUASH - There's an indoor squash room located at Palm Court Housing Complex.  

MOVIES - There are 3 movie theaters located in Balikpapan - BSB mall, Balcony Mall (Cinemax Theaters with link here) and Hypermart Plaza.  They offer new releases, mostly in English with Indonesian sub-titles.  Tickets range from Rp30.000 - 50.000 depending on weekday or weekend.  They also offer cheap fantastic popcorn and snacks! The theaters have nice, big comfortable chairs with stadium seating.  Bring a sweater as the theaters is often freezing! 

BEACHES - There are a couple beaches in Balikpapan, although none are particularly "pretty" beaches.  Manggar beach is where many families go on the weekends and you can take a ride on a banana boat or play in the water.  In the main area of town is Kemala beach, where people also gather.